Parent CNA Program

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We guarantee that our Parent CNAs receive the highest rates in Colorado, reflecting our commitment to fair compensation for parents.


Parent CNAs receive $36/hr in overtime pay for every hour worked over 40 hours, recognizing and valuing their dedication and hard work.

About Our Program

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In Colorado, parents and/or family members have the opportunity to become their child’s Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) if the child qualifies for CNA Services and is enrolled in Colorado Medicaid. We recognize that navigating these requirements can be overwhelming, which is why our team of Registered Nurses (RNs) is available to assist you every step of the way. You can easily determine if your child qualifies by scheduling a conversation with one of our RNs. Reach out to us today to get started!

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Smooth Transition Process

Already a CNA or affiliated with another agency? No problem! You can effortlessly transfer your services to us in under 2 weeks, and we manage the transition process to ensure a seamless experience for you. Don’t let administrative hassles hinder your dedication to caring for your child.

If you don’t have your CNA license, click here or call 720-471-5425 to learn more about joining our CNA certification program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pay rate?
We guarantee the highest pay rates for all our Parent CNAs, offering $24/hr, with an additional $36/hr for every overtime hour worked!
Why do other agencies pay less than you?
Our commitment to transparency extends to our pay rates, ensuring fair compensation for all our Parent CNAs.
Do you pay for parents to get their CNA License?
Yes, we shoulder the expenses associated with obtaining your CNA license as we firmly believe in empowering families to deliver optimal care for their beloved individuals.
Do you facilitate services for anyone on Medicaid?
Presently, we provide services for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who are covered by Medicaid.
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At 2nd Home Skilled Care, our dedication lies in supporting families and ensuring every child receives top-notch care from those who know and love them best. Join our Parent CNA Program today to make a profound difference in your child’s life. Reach out to us now to discover more and embark on the journey of becoming your child’s Certified Nursing Aide. CONTACT US TODAY!